Recruitment and Tabling Tips

Members are the “life blood” of an organization. Keeping a constant inflow of new members and those who are interested will ensure that your organization will succeed.  Along the road to gaining a stronger and larger organization there are a few things that organizations often do that will hinder their abilities to grow.  Here are a few tips to help avoid those bumps in the road when trying to recruit or table.

  1. 1.      Have a Theme: Incorporate some of your organizations “swag”.  There is nothing better to decorate your table with then items that relate to your organization. Not only does it give a little insight into what you stand for but the organizations personality as well.  If possible, try to include games into your recruitment process.  It’s a fun way to break the ice with new members and create some buzz around the activity.
  2. 2.      First Impressions: Within the first couple minutes of someone approaching an individual or a table there is a moment where what you say or do can be the difference between them choosing to join or not.  A couple quick tips are to smile and make sure you look like you’re having fun.  There is a lot of non verbal communication in body language.  How you stand and look effects the entire feel of the organization itself.  It’s much easier to approach someone that is enjoying themselves than someone whose arms are crossed.  What you discuss with them is just as important as everything else.  Be knowledgeable about your organization so that no matter what question may come your way you have an answer.  Tell the truth about what you do and what you stand for.  Once they join they will be able to see for themselves what it is about, so there is no point in lying.
  3. 3.      Follow up: At the end of the day, make the extra effort to follow up with everyone who you have been in contact with.  Whether it be a Facebook invitation, a phone call or an email there is nothing that will keep them thinking about joining or current members reaching out to them and making an effort to involve them with what is happening in the organization.

Do you have any great tabling/recruitment tips to share?


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