Half Court Magic at Madness on the Mesa

Madness on the Mesa was the official kickoff to the college basketball season, and if it was any hint to what our season is about to be, we are all in for a treat! Going into the evening, most of the attention for the kickoff was on the major basketball universities like Kentucky and Indiana, but the attention ended on SDSU. The reason for all this hype belongs to Craig Horlbeck, an SDSU Freshman.

Toyota, one of the many event sponsors, proposed a challenge. Students would sign up and one would be chosen at random to shoot a half-court shot. If the shot was missed, they would go on with life as usual. But if they made the shot, they would be rewarded with local fame, oh and a brand new Toyota Tacoma! Horlbeck was selected at random from the pool of those students that signed up. Craig, a freshman from San Ramon, cemented himself in SDSU basketball folklore and YouTube history without ever playing a single minute for the Aztecs.

Craig, wearing his new red Toyota giveaway shirt, was handed the ball. Thrown into the spotlight, Horlbeck raised his arms in an effort to pump up the crowd. As the crowd responded, Horlbeck gets into the zone. He walks up to the line and…pretends to shoot “granny style.” After a decent laugh, Craig turned around in preparation for the real deal. He put his hands on the ball, ran up to the line, and fired. The ball, spinning and spinning on its way to the basket, was soaring through the air. Its path downward ended up being the perfect swish he was waiting for. Craig Horlbeck had won himself a brand new Toyota Tacoma!

After the swish, the crowd EXPLODED! Students were jumping, screaming, waving, and yelling. Thankfully, some students caught the shot on video, and it immediately went viral. Local news stations picked up the story and Horlbeck became a San Diego celebrity. Coach Steve Fisher then jokingly said that he had one unused scholarship, but that Horlbeck would have to give the Tacoma back. Horlbeck wisely chose the truck.

So Craig Horlbeck may have just started here at SDSU, but he is already the big man on campus!

The video can be found by clicking here.

Blog written by Tyler Daher, Student Life & Leadership-Front Desk Student Writer


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