SDSU Aztec Football Highlight: The Rise to Greatness!

This past Saturday, I had the unique opportunity to witness the last conference football game between our San Diego State Aztecs and the UNLV Rebels. The reason I say this is because that next year, our Aztecs are moving to the Big East conference, a major conference that has an automatic bowl bid with a winnable schedule. The hope is that this transition will put SDSU football on the map and expand the SDSU fan base; a fan base that has been limited due to the geographical regions of the Mountain West. With this move, the football team will be experiencing major time shifts, better competition, and more exposure. While talking to some players on the team, one word has been very blatant in their response to the conference move: EXCITEMENT.

With this past win against Nick Sherry and the rest of the Rebel squad, the Aztecs have moved to a 6-3 record, with a 4-1 record in conference, tying them for second behind #19 BoiseState. With this continuous success over the past couple years, there is no doubt that the Aztecs feel that they compete at the level of intensity the Big East provides. It’s obvious that with the growing pride of SDSU men’s basketball team, football has been overshadowed and overlooked. Like the basketball team, the football team is on the rise toward national domination; a rise that demands time and exposure to the demanding expectations of powerhouse football programs.

Today (November 3rd) will be an interesting test; Aztecs are facing their current Mountain West/ future Big East nemesis, the Boise State Broncos. If the Aztecs beat the Broncos, they have the opportunity to share the Conference title, and put them in a significant position for a bowl game. This is by far the biggest game of the season for the Aztecs, so make sure you demonstrate your Aztec Pride and watch them on the CBS Sports Network at 7:30pm. The rise toward success starts right now!

Let’s help set the tone for our football team and show this nation what it means to be an Aztec for Life!

Blog written by J. Cole, Student Life & Leadership – Student Contributor


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