Alternative Spring Break in South Africa

Looking to travel somewhere exciting this spring break? Are you majoring in Africana Studies, Women’s Studies, or Health and Human Services? Enrolled in Africana Studies 360 and or the Certificate of Cultural Competency offered by Intercultural Relations? Maybe this Spring Break trip is for you! The Alternative Spring Break in Africa was started by Dr. Shirley Weber, the chair of the department of Africana studies. For several years Dr. Shirley has been coordinating this program with these students. Last year was the first they took students from the Certificate of Cultural Competency. There was seventeen students involved in this trip, they all did various activities while visiting Africa.  For example, students got the opportunity to volunteer at elementary schools and youth programs.

While on this trip, students also got the chance to learn more about the troubles of this country, such as poverty issues as well as health issues affecting the population in this country. While being exposed to the life in Africa these seventeen students also got the chance to go site seeing. Students visited places such as Table Mountain and Victoria Falls in Zambia which are very popular places in South Africa.  They also visited Robben Island, a very famous island which housed an infamous prison which is now a monument and a museum.

In addition to Dr. Weber, other faculty also attend this trip. There is an application that you would need to fill in order to be considered by November 30th.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Dr. Adisa A. Alkebulan at 619-594-5174 or Dr. Shirley Weber at 619-594-6550 or

Blog written by Janitzza Cazares, Student Life and LeadershipFront Desk Student writer


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