Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat: Check it Out!

“What are your core values?” This is a question that was asked of me at the Aztec CORE retreat last year. After going through a series of processing activities, I came to discover my 5 core values and I now keep them with me in my wallet as a constant reminder to abide by my values in everything that I do.

Assessing what my core values are and how I can implement them into my daily life was one of the many amazing activities that I experienced at Aztec CORE last year. Aztec CORE is a 3 day weekend leadership retreat up in the mountains that allows you to participate in a plethora of activities and workshops that foster amazing personal and leadership growth. As a past CORE attendee, I am so grateful for this experience because I know that I did not leave those mountains with the same perspective that I arrived. I learned so much during that weekend that resonated with me and was an integral part of my development as a leader on this campus. If it weren’t for this retreat, I don’t believe that I would have had the confidence and personal awareness to pursue the many leadership opportunities that I have.

CORE is also a great place for networking! The 40 students that will be selected will be from all different backgrounds and organizations on campus. You will get the opportunity to connect with so many students that you may not have gotten the chance of meeting if it weren’t for this retreat; and you will continue to be their friends once you all get back to campus! The retreat facilitators will also be comprised of faculty/staff from all different backgrounds.

This year, Aztec CORE will be held from January 11th to January 13th, 2013 and the retreat is COMPLETELY FREE! Your transportation, food, and housing will ALL be covered for the weekend. All you have to do is apply! The application can be found on the Student Life & Leadership website at

Don’t miss out on this phenomenal experience filled with Leadership development, networking, great food, and the beautiful scenery of the mountains! APPLY TODAY!

This blog was written by Mariah Kelly, Student Life and Leadership Blog Writer


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