REMINDER: Student Workshop Request Form in now ONLINE!!

Planning meetings throughout the semester can be quite a task. Deciding what to do over the course of 16 weeks can get difficult. If your organization is looking for a productive, fun, and enjoyable meeting, request that Student Life & Leadership give your org a free workshop of your choice! There is a great list of workshop topics, including Breaking the Ice, Community Service, Leadership in Film, Leading with Values, Mousetrap: A Communication Exercise, Situational Leadership, and Test Taking Skills, just to name a few. These workshops are not only a great way to spend quality meeting time, but they are also incredibly valuable for student members!

The process to request these workshops has been simplified immensely and is now online. Follow these instructions to have your next meeting be taken care of by Student Life & Leadership:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the middle tab titled “Leadership and Community Service”
  3. Underneath “Contents” on the left side, click “Leadership Workshops”
  4. Fill out the sections of the form
  5. Read through and select the workshop you would like to have at your meeting
  6. Check your email for updates from Student Life & Leadership
  7. Kick back and enjoy the presentation

The online process is much quicker and easier than the paper-based system. This allows you as an organization to save your time and use it more effectively. Student organizations can request a workshop at any time, just be sure to get your request in two weeks prior to your desired meeting date.

From personal experience with these workshops, my organization benefitted immensely. We did a Breaking the Ice workshop and it really helped our members blend and get to know one another. Student Life and Leadership did a fantastic job of helping my organization. Consider using the new Online Student Workshop Request form to schedule your next meeting!

Blog written by Tyler Daher, Student Life & Leadership-Front Desk Student Writer


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