Superstorm Sandy: How You Can Help!

Did you hear about the Storm that occurred in West Virginia, New York, Main and many other states? Hurricane Sandy was a massive storm that killed approximately 100 people and caused millions of power outages in homes. While other people enjoy the holidays, people on the east coast are still worried about this hurricane and recovering from their loses. There is a way students may help this terrible incident. Students may donate money, food and medical supplies to help those who were affected by this horrific storm. The American Red Cross is having open donations for those who wish to either donate food, money or first aid kits. Visit the following link to view more information

The Salvation Army in the east coast is doing a lot to help the people in need. For example they have various shelters that provide food and clothing for these people. AmeriCares is another group of generous people that are helping people get clean water, food, and power to their homes. AmeriCares is also distributing shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, and other hygiene products to comfort the victims of Sandy. AmeriCare is there for Americans in need and are very helpful.

Donate supplies or money to the people suffering from the hurricane in the east coast! Make a difference in someone’s life and feel better about yourself. Remember that you can help and anything that you are willing to give is much more than enough.

Student written Blog: Janitzza Cazares Student Life and Leadership 


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