Top 10 Reasons You Should Sign-up For The Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat

With the holiday season and finals fast approaching here at SDSU, we look toward winter break and what it has in store. Some students will travel home to see old friends, others will stay at state to enjoy time with new ones, and some may even travel away to new and exciting places. For some of our Aztec leaders, it is one day closer to the annual Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat! However, this is also a great opportunity for future student leaders and even students who are still discovering the leader within them. So we are listing off the Top 10 reasons why you should sign-up for the Aztec Core Leadership Retreat; and here they are…

10. Learn About Yourself: This retreat offers students a great way to understand what makes them a leader, and how to improve on those skills to become a better leader.

9. Bring Valuable Ideas Back To Your Organization: It is a great way to learn about techniques that can help improve your organization and impact more students on the campus.

8. Master Communication Techniques: One of the most important parts of being a leader is the ability to communicate ideas effectively to your members and effectively mobilize the other leaders in your organization.

7. Learn Conflict Resolution: Learn to be that mediator between any problems that arise through the course of the year.

6. Develop Leadership Skills: I mean, that is what this weekend is all about! Learning new skills and improving on existing ones.

5. Make Friends: Meet other student leaders at SDSU that have the same drive and passion that you do.

4. Build Community at SDSU: What is stronger than a group of leaders building community together? Nothing.

3. Room, Board, and Transportation included: All you have to do is show up.

2. It’s Going to be Fun: 3 days away from the stresses of life with this many leaders… You know it is going to be fun!

1. It is FREE!: It costs nothing for you to go have the best weekend of your winter break and learn about what it means to be a student leader at SDSU and in your community.

So sign-up now! Time is winding down on this opportunity. November 27th is the last day to sign-up and you will be notified if you are chosen on December 6th. So apply, and tell your friends about it. It is going to be an awesome weekend and we hope you can join us.


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