Community Participates in Transgender Day of Rememberance

San Diego has been heavily impacted by the outstanding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ( LGBT) community that resides in its borders. The San Diego LGBT Center has hosted some great events in appreciation for our LGBT community, and this coming Tuesday on the 20th, all residents of San Diego will have the chance to show their appreciation for the LGBT community, specifically the Transgender citizens. On November 20th, the San Diego LGBT Center is hosting the Transgender Day of Remembrance. The day of remembrance is intended to recognize and acknowledge those who were assaulted and killed due to anti-transgender violence. This year alone 61 individuals have been killed, and sadly, some of those remain unidentified.

The contact person for the event, Connor Maddocks states, “The commemoration begins with a candlelight march through Hillcrest, leaving from The Center at 6 pm. This year the transgender flag will be flown at half-mast over Hillcrest at the new Pride Flag location. The flag will be raised during a ceremony at University and Normal Street at 9:30 am. When the evening march reaches the flagpole, the flag will be lowered and taken to The Center, where a program including the formal “reading of the names” will begin at 7 pm.” As a student of San Diego State University, a university that was the first on the West Coast to provide an LGBT major program, I can’t stress enough the importance of showing support for this great cause and a group of people who gave up their lives for inalienable rights of equality that they truly deserve. As a community, it is not only our job to recognize the efforts of each other, but also to actively support those who demonstrate that passion in their every day life.


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