Being a Freshmen at SDSU

Being scared to attend a new school especially as freshmen is pretty nerve racking. Starting school here at San Diego State was not as scary as I thought it would be, mainly because I was involved in a summer bridge program during the summer organized by Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). This program was designed to transition a student from high school to the real world which is known as a University. My first week here at SDSU was pretty easy; then I realized dealing with 17 units, working at the Student Life & Leadership office, and possibly joining other organizations on campus was going to be very time consuming. While coming to this university I thought I was going to have plenty of free time to socialize with friends or have time for myself. Being an involved student here on campus completely changed that thought. The one thought that will never change will be what people on campus and even back home expect of you. I always feel like I am being watched by someone or expected to make the right choices every time. Being on a strictly timed schedule, classes back to back, and having time to study is what I did expect, just never this intense. I really enjoy being busy even though it can be very stressful, I love coming back to my dorm and feeling accomplished. I have survived three weeks here at San Diego State!

Blog written by Janitzza Cazares, Student Life and Leadership- Student Contributor


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