Last Chance for Leadership Workshops!

Have you ever thought about finding ways to improve your student organization or its members?  Well here at SDSU, we have the tools you’re looking for. The office of Student Life & Leadership (SLL) has a variety of workshops that they can host for you that will help develop your organization. Some workshops include: Breaking the Ice, Getting Involved, Test Taking, Motivating the Middle, Successful Recruitment, Conflict styles and much more. So what’s better then getting a free workshop hosted by SLL?  A free workshop hosted by your peers of course.  Most workshops are presented by a group of Peer Leadership Consultants (PLC) that comprise of fellow SDSU students who have been selected based on their individual leadership and involvement.  Each PLC has been thoroughly trained on the workshops and presentation styles to give you the best experience possible.

These workshops can be a fun and inspiring experience for your entire organization as well as a good resource to help your executive board. One of the best parts is that they are completely FREE for your on-campus organization.

If you would like to request a workshop it is a very simple process.  Simply go to the SLL website and fill out an online request form at least two weeks before the request date, wait for a response from one of the peer leadership consultants, and get ready to have some fun.

Follow the link below to be taken directly to the form:


If you weren’t able to request a workshop, attend on of the workshops SLL is throwing!

Test Taking on November 27th at 12:30pm in SSW 1661 (SLL)

Test Taking on November 29th at 3:00pm in SSW 1661 (SLL)


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