Benefits of Networking with Alumni

Remember that first day of school freshman year, when that student leader on campus approached you and asked if you needed help finding your class. Maybe the two of you became acquaintances, or even great friends. Then, once they graduated, you lost touch. It happens.

So, what ever happened to that Aztec who is now an Aztec Alumni? They probably continued on to a great job, in an amazing city, making great money… right? Or so we hope. Finding a job in this market is a challenge for everyone, so why not reconnect with some past friends and see if they can help you out?

Start by finding them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and try to plan for a coffee date, something casual where you can catch up and see how they are doing. Use this time to tell them about your aspirations and what you plan on doing after graduation (which may be quickly approaching). Explain to them you’re attempting to find internships to get hands on experience. This is where alumni can possibly help. They may know someone in your field or may be able to hire you themselves. Above all, keep in touch with those friends you once had because they will slowly start to form your professional network.

Now, what if you don’t know any alumni? That’s okay! Work with your student organization to see if you can start an alumni outreach program, or contact the SDSU Alumni Association to see if there are any opportunities to connect with graduated Aztecs. Most alumni are willing to help, even if it’s just by giving you advice based on their experience.

Do you think you may be practicing those networking skills with an SDSU Alumni in the future? What do you think about it?


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