Community Service Opportunity


There are various ways to getting involved with the community such as finding volunteer opportunities. There is always some type of community service event going on around the San Diego area, such as Park Watch. The San Diego River Park Watch members help staff watch over not only the park but also the river. One responsibility of volunteering members is to report any type of vandalism such as writing on any type of surface that is property of the park. Another is to provide information to trail users. The required 6 hours per month commitment may be done either by walking, golf cart, or mountain bike. These volunteer hours are open for the Mission Valley Preserve and the Mast Park in Santee. In order to volunteer for this opening you must go to a training session. Park watches can be really easy and fun if one is dedicated and motivated to help the community. If you would like to participate in this please contact 619.297.7380 for either dates or more information on this volunteering process.

There are also lots of opportunities to assist the homeless in the city of San Diego. By helping out and devoting time to helping others, people will respect you more as a person. By assisting the homeless you can provide food, shelter and services for them. If there are any questions regarding this volunteering opportunity, please contact this number: (619) 230-0997.

Blog written by Janitzza Cazares, Student Life and Leadership- Student contributor


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