Midnight Study Break TONIGHT!!!

Hello fellow Aztecs! Today we are focusing on midnight study break. With finals underway and all of the cramming we all do, I know that you all may deserve a reward for all of your hard work! Let me begin to tell you what the staff of Student Life & Leadership has in store! The theme for this year’s midnight study break is “The Final Episode.” This consists basically of a game show theme, so you may already imagine how much fun that must be. It will be on December 10th from 9pm-midnight. All of this will happen at East Commons. It will be free of charge to all students. There will be free food, prizes, music, stress relievers, study tips, a good atmosphere, great company, and did I mention, FREE FOOD!! I could go on and give you guys a list as to why you should attend this free event made for all of you, but why tell you when you could see and experience it for yourselves? This will be my first time going to a midnight study break so I am anticipating a great time just as all of you should as well. Come join the rest of your fellow Aztecs for what is sure to be an eventful evening!


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