Aztec Unification Project

In December, I had the privilege of participating in the Aztec Unification Project (AUP), spearheaded by SLL Adviser Lauren Sparacino. The AUP is a new project geared towards uniting on-campus groups from all different backgrounds in an effort to serve our community. Last year, the AUP sent students to the Monarch School, a school solely for homeless and foster youth, and allowed them to interact with and mentor the Monarch students. This year, we went to the Rolling Hoops Wheel-Chair Basketball tournament sponsored by the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation. Volunteering at this tournament was an amazing experience. I was able to bond with my fellow Aztecs and be a service to the outside community at the same time. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the young children that are able to play basketball, a sport they usually wouldn’t be capable of thanks to the San Diego Adaptive Sports Staff, was extremely heart warming. This experience reminded me that being of service to others, and devoting some of your time and effort to the happiness of others, is always worthwhile. I appreciate all of the other groups that participated and will definitely continue my relationships with them on campus!

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This blog was written by Student Life and Leadership Staff Writer, Mariah Kelly.


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