Aztec Cast Logo

HERE IT IS!! The app you’ve dreamed of has finally arrived.  It’s called Aztec Cast and can be downloaded on any IPhone.  Created by SDSU students for SDSU students.  So what does it do?  If you have ever been looking for a specific event, something to do, or where/what time an event is being held on campus; here is the solution.  All the information about every SDSU event you can imagine is now just a couple touches away from being right in front of you to read.  Events ranging from concerts and theatre performances to athletic events to Aztec Nights. Not only that, but there is also a map that can guide you to the exact location of where the event is being held.

On the other hand if you are looking for some free publicity or an easy way to get your event out there for all SDSU students to become aware of you have that opportunity.  Simply go to and submit an event or use the mobile app and submit it that way as well.

The best part is it’s FREE.

“To stay in the loop on SDSU events, download the Aztec Cast app!”


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