SDSU DJ Series: @ the ARC Next Thursday!

Have you ever wanted to go to the ARC and not necessarily worry about bringing/forgetting your iPod? Well GREAT! This opportunity is just for you. CASE is the Cultural Arts and Special Events board for Associated Students. CASE is responsible for putting on major school events such as GreenFest.

This week on February 27, CASE will be bringing you one of its several DJ series. The DJ series is an event that allows aspiring/talented DJ’s to perform at the ARC and display their true strengths. DJ’s that have been showcased in the DJ’s series are Ab Yousseff and DJ Keevo, both whom participated in the first annual GreenFest Artist Showcase. The DJ’s perform right by the locker rooms and water fountains, back by the basketball courts. The event will take place between 6-8pm which is a perfect time to work out right after work or classes. If you want any more information about the DJ series or any other events that CASE puts on, make sure to go to The website will have all the answers you need!


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