This Week @ SDSU!! (2/25)


With the weather being as unpredictable as it’s been, hopefully everyone’s been keeping up with the madness!

The week kicks off with a Mandatory Greenfest Meeting for Student Teams on 2/27. The meeting will be held at Aztec Mesa 105 at 1pm. For student teams who submitted an application to participate in the GreenFest competition, you must attend this mandatory meeting for important information! Get excited for GreenFest!

Join the Association of Africana Studies Majors & Minors on Thursday the 28th for Jazzy Nights. The event celebrates the beauty and creativity of the Black Arts movement with a night full of music, comedy, spoken word and food. Jazzy Nights takes place at Scripps Cottage from 6-9pm.

Also on Thursday night, join the woman of Phi Beta Sigma in their efforts to bring awareness to women trafficking by attending their Ms. Phi Beta Sigma Pageant. The pageant will showcase inspirational and talented young woman in our community. The event is held from 7-9pm in the Alumni Center.

On Friday the 1st, the CASE Special Events committee and the ARC are holding a Fitness Challenge Event. Enjoy an afternoon of physical activity to encourage a healthy lifestyle; a healthy life is a happy life!

Cheers to the end of another great month and the start of March!

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