Leadership Certificate: Check it Out!


Hey Aztecs!

Need help boosting your resume? Want to help out your community?  Trying to figure out your own individual leadership style?

Well Student Life & Leadership has you covered!

Earning a leadership certificate is easy and a great way to boost that resume before you wrap up your time here at San Diego State University (SDSU).

There are 5 components to the leadership certificate.

The first component to the leadership certificate includes participation in 7 workshops. The first 5 workshops are required and include Introduction to Leadership, Leadership Values, True Colors: Personality & Communication Styles, Conflict Styles, and Seminar in the Certificate of Cultural Competency Program.  Then students have the opportunity to do two workshops of their choice and they are listed at http://sll.sdsu.edu/leadership/leadership-certificate.html.

The second part of the leadership certificate is experiential leadership. To complete this part of the certificate you need to attend two of the many seminars that occur every year. Some of the seminars include the Leadership Summit, Aztec CORE retreat, and participation in the Freshman Leadership Connection.

The third part of the certificate deals with leadership service. Participants must complete 10 hours of community service to San Diego or the surrounding community.

The fourth part of the certificate is to participate in a leadership role on campus for a minimum of 20 hours. Before beginning the leadership role participants must provide a detailed description of the positions as well as a personal goal statement that you hope to achieve through this role. Following completion of the 20 hours the student must provide a Letter of Verification from the advisor.

The fifth and final part of the leadership certificate is a Critical Thinking/Reflection Capstone paper or video. The paper or video is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your leadership-related skills, competencies, knowledge, and experiences in a personalized fashion. It should contain evidence and examples of your participation in the Leadership Certificate program. It should discuss your leadership strengths, areas of growth during the program, and future plans for continual development. The paper/video serves as a final, summative performance assessment as well as a tool of self-assessment.

To find out more about the Leadership Certificate and a more in depth look at what it entails feel free to visit our website at http://sll.sdsu.edu/leadership/leadership-certificate.html, or stop by our office at Student Life & Leadership (SSW 1661).


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