National Signing Day has Passed

The Introduction of new Aztecs!

As the sun set on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 6th) many Aztecs were studying or hanging with friends, but few realized that when the sun came up on Wednesday our Aztec family was going to grow. This is because on Wednesday (Feb. 7th) it was National Signing Day.

National Signing Day is the first day that the NCAA allows recruits to formally commit to colleges. Across the country many NCAA sports received players, but none as televised as that of our Aztec Football team.

The Aztecs added 22 players Wednesday. Since national Signing Day starts at 7:00am on the east coast it was an early morning for our Aztec football staff. Coach Rocky Long and his staff were at the office at 3:30am. The first recruit? Darryl Richardson. He sent in his letter of intent at 4:01am here on the west coast or 7:01am on the east coast. Richardson is a prospective QB for the Aztecs.

The complete list of recruits (all 22 of them) is listed here at .This is the first day that recruits can commit. However, it is not the last; so our Aztec Football team may grow before the spring is out.

Although this is the first day that players can submit their letters of intent, many players can commit to colleges verbally. Most of the players that signed with the Aztecs of signing day had verbally committed to SDSU and have been checking out campus and visiting Qualcomm since December.  I personally had a chance to meet and give tours to Dakota Turner (HI) and Billy Vaughn Jr. (CA). Their drive, focus, and loyalty to the Aztecs was remarkable and I know that they will make great Aztecs on and off the football field.

The sun might have gone down on Tuesday just like any other day, but when the sun came up on Wednesday the future of Aztec Football and SDSU was a lot brighter. Congrats to all of our new recruits, and welcome to the Aztec family.

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