Student Org Highlight: Join the SDSU Paintball Club!

Hey Aztecs!

If you have some free time on the weekends, and want to get outside and get your competitive side out? Well the Paintball Club at SDSU has you covered.

The Paintball Club at SDSU is an organization on campus that brings together students of all skill types who love to play paintball. They are happy to take first timers to the sport or players that have been playing for years. As a member of the Paintball Club you can also receive discounts on many of the gear and equipment that you need to play.

The Paintball Club also plays in competitions around the San Diego area and beyond. The club meets on Sundays at 12pm at Velocity Paintball Park. The club provides a great opportunity for Aztecs to get out on a weekend and enjoy some fast-paced action.

If you are interested in joining the Paintball Club at SDSU, please visit their Facebook page at: Here you can check out some photos and videos of what exactly is to be expected from this organization. This will also give you information on how to get involved with the organization and the different events that they have planned.

Whether you spend your Sundays on the Paintball field or chilling at the beach remember, to check out our AzteCast application on your smartphone for all the events that are going on in or around the San Diego area.

As always, stay classy San Diego!

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