Tips for Your Senioritis

Graduation!  It is a time in everyone’s life whether it is high school or college where it is time to move on and continue toward your future.  Often times it is a sad period in one’s life as the onset of the end of a chapter draws near.  You begin to think about what you have left to do and what time you have left and who it will be with.  This can almost always cause a case of senioritis, no matter how short or long it lasts.  So how can you push through it and finish strong while also taking in all those precious final moments. Here are a few things to keep in mind when running through that wall of senioritis.

Set Goals:  Make some goals that are not only attainable but can be achieved within the time you have remaining.  Setting goals will help you look toward accomplishing something in the future which will help you move forward through those hard times.  At the same time it will keep your mind on completing the things necessary to check off all those things on your graduation bucket list.

Change of pace:  Sometimes you might just need a change of scenery.  Changing things up can help you look at everything in a different way which can remove that senioritis wall that might have been staring you in the face.  The saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun” and it’s true.  Keeping your mind busy on something quick paced will keep your mind off of what is soon to come, usually the things that you are dreading to deal with.

Not over yet: You aren’t done yet.  Don’t give up the race until you pass the finish line.  Anything can happen in those last few moments that can change your life.  One example would be failing a class that you would need to graduate.  Finishing strong also looks good to others.  It shows a sense of perseverance in your personality that can help you in tough situations.


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