Vote for AS This Week!!!

AZTECS! It’s that time of year again! If you couldn’t tell from all the billboards and all the well-dressed students on campus, it is Elections time! This week has been all the debates for all the different candidates aspiring to be your Executive Officers! For those who don’t know, this past Fall semester, Associated Students went through a major restructuring, completely changing the setup of the student government.

The government structure is split up between 3 different councils: the Campus Life Council, the Universal Council, and the Judicial Affairs Council. The elections of the Executive Officers are very important this year because now the Executive Vice President will be chairing the Campus Life Council and the Vice President of University Affairs will be chairing the University Council. In addition to this change of leadership, there will be 55 total leadership positions for all students, enhancing the number of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. Now you are all probably wondering, when can I vote for these potential candidates?

Voting for candidates will start on Monday, March 11th, at 8am and will end on Thursday the 14th. You can vote right on your web portal, it is extremely easy! Every year, only 11% of the student body votes in the general election. That is PATHETIC! Let’s change the culture of this university and get more people to vote! If you want any information of the candidates, the link is:

P.S. – If you missed the opportunity to run but you still wish to apply for a leadership position, applications for appointed positions will be due March 27th at 4pm in the Government Affairs Office, which is in the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center. Make sure to pick your packet up in the office! Get involved! Create a legacy!


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