Volunteer Opportunity: Walk for Salk!

Interested in helping support scientific research to help find cures for today’s common horrific diseases? In that case you should participate in the Walk for Salk 5K walk on April 13th, 2013. This event will be at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.  This event is very special to Salk, and they would like as many people to attend this event or volunteer and help out throughout this 5K walk.

In order to participate in this event there is no experience or certain skills required.  Salk is searching for happy, outgoing students that are at least of age sixteen or over.  The people who are volunteering or are interested in volunteering should be excited, hopeful and also interested in finding cures for these tragic illnesses. While helping out in this event volunteers will either serve refreshments, serve as guides, or cheer on the people who are walking for the cause. While being a part of the Walk for Salk volunteers, you would receive free admission to the afternoon wellness fair, a delicious breakfast before the walk, a free Walk for Salk t-shirt and last but not least, a free afternoon tour of one of their labs.

If you plan or are interested in volunteering please visit the following website: www.salk.edu/stepintodiscovery.  Make sure to state your choice of assignment and say if you are bringing friends or family members so you can be stationed with them. If you have any questions please either visit the following website or call 858.597.0657 or also e-mail stepintodiscovery@salk.edu. Hope to see you there!

Information taken from:

“Madonna Moreno and Lindsay DiCarlo Co-Chairs, Walk for Salk Volunteer Committee”

Student written blog by: Janitzza Cazares Student Life and Leadership Office 


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