Associated Students Election Results!!

The posters and banners have been hung, the speeches and campaign presentations have been made and the votes have been cast.  If you haven’t noticed the Associated Students elections have been in motion for the past couple weeks and it was left up to the SDSU students to vote for who will lead them into the future.  Well the time finally arrived on Thursday March 15, 2013 in East Commons for the election results to be announced.  It was a stressful and anxious time for all those running and for all those who came in support it was much appreciated.  This past elections had the most voter turnout in years with over 18% of the student body participating in the elections.   A special thanks to everyone that participated, supported and voted in this year’s elections and without further a due here are the results of our future SDSU leaders:

Executive Officers

President Josh Morse
Executive Vice President Becca Cohen
Vice President of External Affairs Javier Gomez
Vice President of Financial Affairs Mariah Kelly
Vice President of University Affairs Morgan Chan


Campus Life Representatives

Aztec Student Union Board Representative Marilyn Martinez
Community Service Commission Representative Jacqueline Karczewski
Recreation and Wellness Commission Representative Cassandra Zimmerman
Sustainability Commission Representative Jordan Wells
Student Diversity Commission Representative Gabrielle Gray
Student Support Commission Representative Alyssa Carbajal
Campus Community Commission Representative Hassan Abdinur
Student at Large Campus Representative Gabriela Leverette & Grace Diaz


University Council Representatives

Arts and Letters Stav Geffner, Cindy Lopez & Helena McAllister
Business Jordan Harrison, Jack Losey & Sean Zaher
Education Lindsey Schaefer
Engineering Onochie Ani & Alex Ben
Health and Human Services Kristina Morales, Tasnim El Mezain & Marya Edgar
Professional Studies and Fine Arts Raquel Martin, Blaire Ward & Katie Willis
Sciences Cameron Wimore, Joshua Beverly, Alicia Zamudio Montes do Oca & Michelle Mitchell
Undeclared Studies Representative Jake Garelick
Graduate Student Association Representative Raj Mohanty

For more information on Associated Students visit:


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