How SDSU Does Spring Break


Hey Aztecs,

The countdown for Spring Break is over! As many of us head to the beach for some sun, or catch up on some much needed sleep some Aztecs are going abroad changing lives and helping communities. Here are some of these such Aztecs and a little bit about what they are doing.

Research in South Africa

SDSU audiology professor Peter Torre and four speech, language, and hearing sciences students are ready to spend spring break in Cape Town, South Africa. The team will partner with South Africa’s Tygerberg Hospital to begin international research and lead a pilot study on the effects of HIV and hearing loss in children. Little research has been compiled on HIV and hearing loss in children, and a study of this kind has not yet been conducted in South Africa. For eight days, Torre, who is the director of the Recreational Noise Exposure and Hearing Lab at SDSU, and his student team, will work with Tygerberg Hospital’s audiology clinic to analyze more than 60 children’s language, hearing and speech to determine if HIV is associated with hearing loss.

Learning and Lesson Plans in Mexicali

Vicki Fielden, a liberal studies adviser in the Office of Advising and Evaluations will be leading 19 students to Mexicali for a service-learning trip that explores Mexico’s educational system and issues related to migration. Students will visit the deported migrant shelter, Casa del Migrante, where they will interview deportees on their experiences. A trip to local schools will give students the opportunity to discuss Mexico’s education systems with teachers. Students will also partner with local community members to take part in a service project, laying concrete or creating a green area at a local school. Each of the students will keep journals and take pictures documenting their experiences. These entries will become the foundation of a mini-lesson plan that will sum up the experiences and the issues confronted on the trip.

Service Project in Guatemala

For the second year, Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone, assistant dean for student affairs in the College of Education, will lead more than 30 students from education, nursing, biology and other sciences on a service-learning trip to Guatemala over spring break. Students will help a Guatemalan elementary school by laying concrete or grass, painting and creating lesson plans for the teachers there. Leading up to the trip, students collected school supplies to donate to the school.

So that’s a little bit of what some Aztecs are doing over spring break. If you want to learn how you can get involved in any of these programs or just learn more about study abroad opportunities feel free to check out the College of Extended Studies website at:

If you are doing research in South Africa or just hanging out with great friends be sure to enjoy the time off and realize that the semester is coming to a close in a little over a month so get ready for that last push to summer or maybe get that extra time in with a graduating senior either way live it up Aztecs because before you know it you are going to be soaking up that summer sun and enjoying the last moments of the semester.

Wherever you travel Aztecs, be safe and stay classy!


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