Volunteer Opportunity: Coaching Corps

Hello fellow Aztecs, this week I will be highlighting a special volunteer opportunity for those of you who want to give back to the San Diego community. Coaching Corps is a national movement of volunteers who dedicate their time to serving as coaches and role models for children whose age ranges from 5-13. One of the many reasons why this is great opportunity for you is because this program gives children who live in in low-income communities the opportunity to get involved in many different sports that they would otherwise not be able to participate in.

Some of the benefits for these children are developing values and skills that help them succeed in school, at work, and in life. No experience is required to coach if you want to participate; basic coaching skills will be taught to you and you will also be paired up with another coach. The sessions run seasonally in ten week intervals and you would be mentoring children from 5-13 years of age.

The wonderful thing about this organization is that it is student led. There is a chapter on the SDSU campus that is looking for more student involvement and looking for individuals that are willing to impact the lives of many children within our community. If this seems like an opportunity that you would like to be a part of, you can inquire at www.coachingcorps.org. Thank you for your time and until next time Aztecs!!

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Blog written by Sergio Camacho, Student Life & Leadership – Student Contributor


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