Day of Silence on Campus

Interested in learning more about what the term LGBT means? The month of April is LGBT Pride month here at San Diego State University. The LGBT Day of Silence is a day in which students all around the nation come together to stop the LGBT bullying and harassment at schools. This day was founded in 1996 and served to help schools become safer regardless of what sexual orientation or gender one is. The Day of Silence is also made for students to truly engage in working together to stop the horrific harassment and bullying against LGBT. “GLSEN, the Day of Silence’s organizational sponsor, encourages participants to be counted by registering at” When registering for the Day of Silence GLSEN is very private about keeping students identities safe and does not post specific names of people whom have registered. Improve not only your school but also the environment in which you live in today.  In order for change we must come together and put a stop to LGBT bullying! Register now and visit the website. Remember the date April 19th . What will you do?

Student Front Desk Assistant written Blog by: Janitzza Cazares- Student Life and Leadership Office at San Diego State University

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