Career Services is Here for you Graduating Seniors!

Hey Aztecs,

For all of our graduating seniors still on the job search, career services still has many different ways you can connect with employers in the San Diego area.

Career Services holds a database of employers in the San Diego area and organizes them into groups based on the majors here at the university. All you have to do is look up you major and see what employers are in the area that have your desired interest of work.

For those Aztecs that are heading out of the San Diego area and are interested in job listings and internships in the area they will be residing in, feel free to go and check out the Career Services Resource Room. They have job and internship listings across the country as well as career and industry specific periodicals.

Career Services just finished up their last career fair of the year with the Just In Time Career Fair. If you had an opportunity to check out any of the career fairs I’m sure you would agree that they are a great help in getting an idea of what is to be expected when applying to your desired job field.

Don’t miss the opportunity to speak with a career counselor before you finish your time here at SDSU. They can help you finalize your resume and strengthen your application before you start job searching in the summer.

If you want to learn more about any of the programs that I spoke about above, feel free to visit the Career Services website at:

For you graduating seniors, I hope that your time here at SDSU was amazing and you continue to enjoy the last few weeks of class!

Until the next time Aztecs, stay classy.


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