Volunteer at THINK Together this Summer!

Interested in receiving community service hours while also becoming a mentor for younger students? THINK Together (Teacher, Helping, Inspiring, and Nurturing Kids) is providing San Diego State students the opportunity to serve our community by providing high quality academically oriented, out-of-school programs for younger students regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic status.

THINK Together is a mission and values driven organization. Too often, children grow up without the presence of a steady role model who provides them guidance and friendship. THINK works to make sure that kids are exposed to responsible and productive members of our community at an early age.

This summer, THINK is offering a 4 week summer program for middle school students in the San Diego area and THEY NEED YOUR HELP! They are seeking individuals who are interested in working with middle school students as mentors and also helping program leaders and site coordinators run daily program operations.  By volunteering, you have the opportunity of shaping a child’s life and becoming a positive influence in their day to day actions. There is nothing more rewarding than positively impacting another human’s life.

Help THINK cultivate our youth by providing the support the children need from family, school and the community to enable them to reach their full potential and become productive adults and responsible members of the community.

For more information on volunteering with THINK Together, contact Patty Casillas at 951) 571-9944 ext. 7612 or patty.casillas@thinktogether.org


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