Midnight Study Break Tomorrow!!


Stressed and overwhelmed with your upcoming finals? Need a break from all the studying? Worry no more because Midnight Study Break (MSB) is back for another semester!

Midnight Study Break is held at the end of each semester, and this year it’s Super Hero themed! For those who have never attended the event before are missing out! MSB provides students with more than just a break from studying, but also a fun and social atmosphere. There will be study tips available, and other useful aids for your long library sessions. On a more exciting note however, MSB will be doing giveaways and raffles, and in the past the prizes have been as big as a flat screen TV, so keep your fingers crossed!

In addition, there’s a breakfast bar with a “build your own pancake” station, and a balloon man to build your superhero accessory of choice.

The best part of MSB however, is that it’s FREE. All students with a valid Red ID can enjoy the activities and food at MSB at no charge! Free food and prizes? What more could you ask for?!

MSB is on Thursday May 9th, from 9pm to Midnight at East Commons.

We all know that finals is without a doubt one of the most stressful times during the semester, so give yourself a much deserved break and come kick back at Midnight Study Break.


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