Looking to advance your skills? Volunteer with Break the Silence against Domestic Violence!


Break the Silence against Domestic Violence is hosting a 1-day leadership conference targeting San Diego County and we are actively looking for individuals who are looking to advance their skills in the non-profit sector by engaging in the planning process for this event. The event will include live performances and several expert speakers who will be engaging the audience on pressing topics surrounding domestic violence and healthy relationships, while providing the essential tools necessary to become community activists. This conference is specifically designed to educate guests on subjects that are not adequately addressed in the community, conversation, or in an academic setting. The objective of this conference is to have guests more versed on the issue of domestic violence. Local community organizations will be present on site during the networking hour to provide pertinent resources to guests, familiarize themselves within this community gathering, and advocate for their organizations through volunteer outreach. To join efforts with Break the Silence against Domestic Violence please contact us at info@breakthesilencedv.org. The next meeting will take place on June 12.


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