Getting Ready for School to Start

Wake up earlier
If you have been hanging around the house all summer or sleeping in till all hours of the afternoon, now is the time to start changing your sleeping habits to prepare for school. Start practicing over break to shift when you go to sleep and how long you sleep changing your internal body clock. Waking up and sleeping earlier allows your body to change back to school time ready, not to mention an appropriate amount of sleep for any given day.

Work some brain teasers

Sudoku, Crossword, Solitaire, and Riddles. All of these are examples of puzzles that help your brain think.  They are an awesome way to retrain your brain into thinking more so that when school starts you can hit the ground running.  Making your way through puzzles and brain teasers is an awesome way to keep your mind busy.  Often over breaks it’s easy to just let go and veg-out, especially after finals.

Plan your schedule

Look ahead.  See what classes you are taking, when you are working and when you can have some free time.  Planning your schedule, at least for the first few weeks of school will ease the stress that comes with the barrage of information and commotion on campus.  It is also a great time management practice that will help you move through your days more efficiently.

New school year prep

We all know it’s that time again.  Treat yourself with some new clothes to show off to all the new faces on campus.  Get that new haircut that you’ve been growing your hair out for.  Buy all the latest and greatest school supplies so that nobody doubts your organization skills when you open up your binder.  It might seem funny to think about but all of these things get you in the mood to start school with a bang which is exactly what is needed at the end of a relaxing summer. Watch out for summer sales in stores over the summer!


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