Aztec Nights, week 2 8/29 – 9/01

ImageLate Night Recess- Thursday August 29th-9pm-Midnight

Don’t you dream about taking a trip back to the childhood days; those days where “Kick the Can” and dodge ball became daily occurrences?  Well now here is your chance! The first Thursday of school, SDSU is going to provide YOU the opportunity to be a kid again. Come to the Performance Arts Plaza, (between the Music Building, ENS and Don Powell Theatre) and enjoy games and activities that we all loved as kids. Games like tag, 4-square and obstacle courses will have a grown up twist!  Dance and sing to some retro music, eat some nostalgic snacks, and transport back in time!


Campus Carnival- Friday August 30th-10pm-2am

The Campus Carnival is one of the most popular Aztec Nights events that SDSU programs! Activities and rides such as a Ferris wheel or carnival games will give you the opportunity to showcase your talent and skill while showing off to your friends. In addition to playing carnival games, it will give students the opportunity to network with student organizations that will have their own carnival game that you could participate in. If you are interested in getting involved and making new friends, this event is perfect for you!


Black Light Block Party-Saturday August 31st-9:30pm-1am

Have no plans after the football game? Want to get your groove on? Come out to the south end of campanile at 9:30pm and enjoy a black light illuminated experience! Music, dancing, laser tag, and a photo booth will all be included.  Can it get much better than that? Everybody is going to be there so make sure you stop on by!


Drive-In Movie-Sunday September 1st– 9pm-1am

Couldn’t get enough of the Fast & Furious series? Did you miss the opportunity to see the last one? Well never fear, Drive-In Movie Day is here! Come on out to Parking Lot F and enjoy a little Sunday Funday. Lawn chairs, blankets, and cars are all welcome for this event! SDSU is providing you a huge 52-foot inflatable screen along with goodies such as ice cream, hot dogs, candy, and more! Make sure to come early because it’s first come first serve!


Blog written by Jonathan Cole, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

Want to stay in the loop with upcoming events? Download AzteCast for your smartphone!





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