The Sarah Annelise Foundation


Sarah was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California. She earned her degree from San Diego State University in Business Management, with a specialization in

Entrepreneurship in 2011.
While in college, Sarah ventured out for an “Alternative Spring Break” trip organized by the Department of Africana Studies. What started out to be an opportunity to explore the world for two-weeks turned into a life changing experience. She was immediately reminded of how blessed she was as a child and became more passionate and determined than ever to make a positive and productive difference for those children of less fortune. These children were lacking the most basic needs; needs that Sarah now understood she had taken for granted.

Sarah had met many amazing people during this visit to South Africa, people giving everything they had, against all odds, in the orphanages, schools and the community. They had little or nothing to work with.

She could see how passionately these people were to give these children any kind of chance in life, no less prosper. To help get these children going on that long road of life, the most immediate things needed were items we don’t even think twice about, such as diaper rash cream.

How can it be possible that there is a child on this planet that can die from diaper rash?

Standing in an orphanage in Pretoria, South Africa, her face being gently squeezed by a baby’s tiny hand, Sarah vowed in her heart, and to her new found friends, that it was time to help. It was time to introduce The Sarah Annelise Foundation.

The Sarah Annelise Foundation is a newly founded organization. Our purpose is to develop and implement projects in impoverished areas around the world to promote the growth and education of children and provide them the essential resources needed to thrive.

To learn more – and get information on upcoming fundraisers, visit:


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