The time is NOW! The SDSU Leadership Certificate

SLL September 2013 Workshops

Aztecs! Looking to get involved? Want to earn a Leadership Certificate? SDSU is now hosting workshops for this Fall Semester. There are a variety of different workshops to complete your Leadership certificate. The Leadership Certificate consists of 5 components. First, Leadership Learning where you will participate in 7 workshops to develop your personal model. Second, Experiential Leadership where you will participate in different programs such as retreats, conferences, or mentoring. Third is the Leadership Service component where you will participate in local community service. The forth component is a leadership role, either on or off campus where you will have the opportunity to impact the community. After completing all the specified requirements you will be asked to produce a capstone reflection paper or video which completes with the fifth component, Critical Thinking and Reflection. The time is NOW! Get involved and become a leader on your college campus and in your community to better you future. Check out the different dates we have throughout this month as well as all semester.

Blog written by Janera Montano, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student writer

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