10 Tips for a successful first year at SDSU

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10 Tips for a successful first year at SDSU

1) GET INVOLVED—SDSU offers many opportunities for students, so make sure you get out there and find an organization that aligns with your interests and values. For more information about student organizations and how to get involved please visit: http://sll.sdsu.edu/
2) STAY ON TOP OF YOUR CLASSES—you are here for school and that should be your number one priority. Read over your syllabus so that you don’t find surprises later on in the semester.
3) DON’T OVERLOAD—getting involved is great but do not overwhelm your schedule with extracurricular organizations and/or work. Overloading your schedule will only cause you more stress.
4) STAY HEALTHY—studies show that students who go to the gym have lower levels of stress. SDSU offers a free membership to those that live in the residence halls and a low monthly fee of $19.99 to other students.
5) NETWORK—college is the perfect time to network with your peers. You should strive to make friends with individuals from different organizations, your residence hall and classmates. Getting to meet people can open new opportunities for you and help campus feel a little smaller.
6) EXPLORE SAN DIEGO—San Diego is a top vacation spot, which means there are a lot of places to explore. We often get so caught up with school and work that we forget this. Get out there and see places like downtown, Old Town, La Jolla, Balboa Park, etc.
7) USE YOUR FREE TIME WISELY—if you have breaks in between your classes, be efficient! Don’t just sit around playing video games or on Facebook. Use it to study for a class, hit the gym, or even to take a quick 20 minute power nap!
8) GO TO OFFICE HOURS—this is the perfect way to get to know your professors. Who knows, maybe that professor could write you the letter of recommendation that you will need in the near future.
9) SET GOALS FOR THE FUTURE—there is always room for improvement, so don’t settle once you are comfortable. Keep setting goals for yourself to achieve so that you can stay motivated and happy.
10) STAY POSITIVE—one thing I have learned while being in college is that positivity is key. You will always be your hardest critique, so keep those positive thoughts in the back of your head in order to see positive outcomes!


Blog written by Wiston Rodriguez, Student Life & Leadership- Front Desk Student Writer


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