Join a Student Organization! Get Involved!


Are you looking for a fun way to get involved on campus?! Want to boost your résumé with leadership experience, while being involved with something you are passionate about? If so, you should join a student organization!
Here at SDSU, we have over 300 recognized clubs and student organizations! All of these organizations are run by students, for students! Getting involved with a student organization can not only provide a fun college experience, but it also offers great leadership opportunities and team-building skills!

How to choose the right organization for you:

Whether you are looking to get involved with a cultural group, academic-related club, or an honor society, San Diego State offers something for everyone! Though there are hundreds of organizations on campus, choosing the right one for you can be fairly simple…

First, check out our website,

Next, on the home page, click on “Student Organizations”.

Student Org. Website pic1

On this page, you can read about the student organizations we have on campus. To filter through the organizations, click “300 different student organizations”.

Student Org. Website pic2

From there, you can choose to either “list all student organizations”, or filter organizations by their category.

Student Org. Website pic3

After making a selection, you will find a list of student organizations, their purpose, and contact information for each group.

Student Org. Website pic4

Our website makes it quick and easy to navigate through our many student organizations, and find the right one for you! And if you can’t find a club that fits your needs, start a new one!

Check us out online and GET INVOLVED!

Blog written by Lauren Weaver, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

Want to stay in the loop with upcoming events? Download AzteCast for your smartphone!

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