Student Organization Highlight!: The SDSU Ambassadors

SDSU Ambassadors

The SDSU Ambassadors are the official student representatives, tour guides, and orientation leaders here at San Diego State University. They are an extraordinary group of individuals who serve as a great resource, as they possess a vast wealth of knowledge pertaining to virtually any faction of history of our university. Members of the organization often serve as the first representative or form of contact for San Diego State University in regards to meeting with and introducing new students and their families to this beautiful campus.

Their one-hour long walking tours cover the central part of campus and include narration on the history and traditions of the university while highlighting academic programs, student support services, campus facilities and campus life. In addition to campus tours, the SDSU Ambassadors work at New Student Orientation for freshmen, transfer students and parents. In this role, they help new students and parents understand graduation requirements and the course registration process, ensuring a smooth transition from high school to SDSU. The SDSU Ambassadors also assist the university in carrying out a variety of events held year-round. These include: Explore SDSU Day, New Student and Family Convocation, Welcome Week, Aztec Nights, Homecoming, Family Weekend, athletic events, Commencement and other campus events and activities as needed. The SDSU Ambassadors involvement doesn’t stop on the SDSU campus, as they are involved in extensive community service work with local elementary schools and many not-for-profit organizations.

For more information about the SDSU Ambassadors, visit:

Blog written by Anthony Meadows, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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