Explore San Diego!


San Diego regularly appears on lists as one of the top vacation destinations in the world. With a heap of amusement parks, beautiful beaches, famous landmarks, as well as incredible scenery, the opportunities for adventure in San Diego are endless.

If you are looking for an amusement park in the area, Sea World is an easy choice. With an incredible amount of marine animals within its walls, as well as exciting information, this place delivers excitement and learning opportunities. You can see whales, dolphins, exotic fish, stingrays, turtles, and other marine life right in front of your eyes. In addition, scientists and researchers at Sea World provide information about the ecosystem that resides in our “backyard” – the Pacific Ocean. If the price of a visit is the thing keeping you from going to Sea World, you can purchase discounted tickets at the student box office located at Viejas Arena.

If you are looking for more of a classic boardwalk-style amusement park, Belmont Park is the place to be. With an array of rides, including a roller coaster and swing rides, as well as fun games, this park is a great choice for a visit.

If you are looking for a beautiful beach to visit, San Diego definitely does not disappoint. Starting at the southern part of San Diego, Ocean Beach offers a laid-back feel, as well as surfing, fishing from the pier, or simply laying out on the sand. Moving north, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are both popular places with many things to do. Shopping, eating, and swimming are just a few things frequent beach-goers enjoy here. La Jolla Shores and Del Mar Beaches round out the northern part of San Diego beach experience. The wealthy communities bordering these beaches gives a feeling of sightseeing in luxury, while still providing the opportunity to see sea lions and other marine life.

If you are looking for some famous landmarks to visit, San Diego has several. First, Balboa Park near downtown offers a peaceful place to hang out. The gardens and open areas, as well as the museums can be very calming and are sure to provide a great time.

If you are looking for beautiful scenery, the options around San Diego are infinite. Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma delivers a breathtaking view of the ocean. With 40-foot cliffs and high-crashing waves, the sunsets are a daily gift to the people of San Diego. Cowles Mountain also offers a view that is not to be missed. The 30-minute hike up the mountain is well worth it, as a view of the entire city is available once you reach the top of the peak.

With many students at SDSU not having access to a car, some might say that reaching some of the locations I’ve mentioned may not be easy. However, San Diego has a well-developed transportation system, including buses and trolleys accessible right from campus, making it easy for students to commute from place-to-place. If public transportation isn’t of interest to you, the Zipcar system (http://sll.sdsu.edu/commuter/zipcar-zimride.html) is an effective and easy way to temporarily use a car if you want to drive yourself to a San Diego locale of interest.

Blog Written by Steven Hoffman, Student Life & Leadership – Front desk student writer

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