How to Be Healthy & Stay Healthy


As college students we sometimes get carried away with studying, homework, classes, meetings, and our social lives and forget one of the most important things in life –maintaining good health. This blog will give you many informational tips on how to stay healthy and be healthy for the remainder of your college experience!

It may sound cliché, but first and foremost, eat right! Eating a healthy diet can help boost your immune system, help you to maintain a healthy weight and can improve your overall health. San Diego State offers a variety of healthy food options such as a protein shake from the Shake Smart kiosks in Aztec Market or a tasty salad from West Coast Sandwich Company or the Salad Bistro in East Commons. For those late-night cravings during all-nighters, try healthier alternatives to your favorite late-night foods. For instance, instead of heading for those infamous cheeseburgers and burritos, try having a bowl of fruit or veggies to satisfy your cravings.

Fitting exercise into your daily schedule in college can be quite difficult, but the luxury of having the beautiful Aztec Recreation Center on campus makes it much easier. Walking around campus may seem like enough exercise, however cardio and lifting weights are also beneficial to your health. The Aztec Recreation Center offers a variety of fitness classes, open basketball, volleyball, and soccer courts, as well as many intramural sport teams. Be sure to stay active and take part of the many opportunities that SDSU provides to stay healthy and fit.

Sleep deprivation can lead to reduced brain function, fatigue, headaches, and weight loss or gain. College students need a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night, and getting this amount can improve your overall health. To stay rested throughout your busy day, try taking a short nap during the day, sticking to a regular sleep schedule, keeping your room dark and quiet before bedtime, and avoiding drinking caffeine or eating right before bed.

In conclusion, when school gets tough, remember to take care of your body.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Blog written by Gabrielle Gray, Student Life  & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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