Student Organization Highlight: Engineering Student Council


The Associated Engineering Student Council (AESC) is 1 of 9 college councils that sit on the University Council for Associated Students. Each council has a governing body and an advisor. Larry Hinkle, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, serves as the adviser for the Associated Students Engineering Council.  The council promotes student participation and involvement in clubs and organizations, provides support for any events a club may undertake, works to retain students in the College of Engineering, and allocates funds for various activities.

Eli Ebanks, the President of AESC, said one of his main goals for the year is to increase student awareness for engineering internships, specifically for students approaching graduation. ASEC has an alumni panel Q&A session scheduled for Oct. 23, and a career fair coming up on Oct. 26. Both events provide opportunities for students to obtain more information about their future career options.

Blog written by Jonathan Cole, Student Life and Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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