Tomorrow’s Homecoming Events (10/23/13). Show Your Aztec Pride!

Aztecs Rock Hunger

Aztecs Rock Hunger “Can-Struction” 2pm-5pm Campanile Flagpole

Hey Aztecs!  Join your fellow Aztecs in the movement to end hunger in San Diego.  Support the Aztecs Rock Hunger event this Wednesday, October 23rd by bringing canned goods or a donation.  For every dollar donated, the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank can purchase 6 lbs. of food for hungry San Diegans, including fresh produce, — a welcomed, healthy alternative.

Homecoming 2013 Rise of the Aztecs

Aztec Pride Chalking 2pm-5 pm, In front of Open Air Theatre

Hey Aztecs, come promote Aztec Pride and celebrate Homecoming Week!

Strut your artistic ability on the sidewalk while representing your Student team and Aztec Pride!

San Diego Blood Bank

San Diego Blood Bank 9 am- 530 pm South Campanile Walkway

Save a life and donate blood to the American Red Cross from

9:00am—5:30pm at South Campanile Walkway!

–Blog written by Victoria Hernandez, Student Life & LeadershipFront Desk Student Writer
Want to stay in the loop with upcoming events? Download AzteCast for your smartphone!

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