Student Life & Leadership Advisor Spotlight: Melissa Gonzalez

Student Life Advisor Highlight - Melissa Gonzalez

Melissa Gonzalez is a true Aztec for Life. Before becoming a Student Life Advisor in Student Life & Leadership, she studied at San Diego State for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Melissa received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at SDSU, and her Master of Arts in Education, specializing in Postsecondary Education with a focus in Student Affairs two years later. She lived on campus her first year, and worked on campus all four years of her undergrad at The Dining Room. Becoming a commuter student after her first year forced Melissa to face different challenges with family, transportation, work and balancing school with everything else. She explains, “I wish I had a program like Casa Azteca when I was a student at SDSU in order to feel a sense of support and community. “

Going into her graduate studies, Melissa found the Student Affairs program and worked as a student affairs assistant in Student Life & Leadership from 2010 through 2012. She enjoyed working with students in the Casa Azteca program, and hoped that her advising skills, both on academic and personal issues, would help students be successful.

After finishing her Master’s program, Melissa was hired as a Student Life Advisor at Life & Leadership. She now oversees several groups and programs at SDSU, including:

  • Commuter Programs, including the Casa Azteca and Aztec Freshman Connection Learning Communities
  • College of Arts and Letters affiliated groups
  • College of Education affiliated groups

Melissa also acts as the Liaison for the Imperial Valley campus student organizations. In addition, she advises the Academic Mentors, who provide academic support for math, writing, and the overall transition to college life to participants in the Casa Azteca and Aztec Freshman Connection learning communities.

When the new Aztec Student Union opens in the spring, Melissa will be the coordinator for the Commuter Resource Center, which is in the beginning planning stages. She loves her job and the students at SDSU, and truly enjoys being able to help students every day!

Blog written by Lauren Weaver, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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