Student Organization Highlight: PSI CHI

Psi Chi Spotlight

Psi Chi is the national honors society in psychology. Psi Chi strives to provide information, lectures, social events and networking opportunities in the psychology department.

Requirements in order to join Psi Chi:

  • Must be a psychology-related major or minor.
  • Must be a second semester sophomore and have 9 units in psychology
  • Must have a psychology GPA and overall GPA of 3.0

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 2-3pm. Many guests attend meetings in order to talk to prospective students that are interested in applying for grad school. Recently, the Director of Outreach, Diversity and Fellowships at UCLA, Cherie Francis, gave a webinar on how to afford paying for graduate school. Psi Chi does an excellent job with providing its members with resources to propel them toward success at SDSU. If you have any questions about Psi Chi, check out their website at

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Blog written by Wiston Rodriguez, Student Life & Leadership- Front Desk Student Writer

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