Student Life & Leadership Advisor Spotlight: Richard Eberheart

Richard Eberheart


There are many faces around the San Diego State University that help to make the school a better place. The team at Student Life and Leadership works together to provide students with the best college experience possible.

One of the Student Life and Leadership team members, Richard Eberhart, works consistently to give back to his alma mater and plan activities for students. He is an Assistant Student Life Advisor who specializes in working with recognized student organizations, event approvals, club starting, and various events on campus.

Richard works on events including Aztec Nights, Midnight Study Break, Welcome Week, student organization expos, leadership workshops, as well as many other events on campus.

In addition to advising and event planning, Richard also sits on committees and boards to provide the student life perspective. He advises the United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC), Professional & Service Student Council, as well as the African Student African American Brotherhood”.

As far as Richard’s life outside of the office, he recently got married and enjoys spending quality time with his new wife, watching movies, going to the beach, going out to dinner, hanging out with friends and watching sports including basketball and football.

Richard attended SDSU and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications. He then went on to attend earn his master’s degree in counseling.

Richard is dedicated to serving SDSU students and without his work many events and activities would not be possible.


Blog written by Steven Hoffman, Student Life and Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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