Student Life & Leadership’s Ultimate Holiday Movie Picks

SLL’s Ultimate Holiday Movie Picks

It’s the holiday season! Today, we present a list compiled of Student Life and Leadership’s favorite movies to watch this time of the year.

The first movie in our must watch list comes as a recommendation from one of our very own grad assistants’, Cameron Eaves. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation takes us on the Griswald’s winter vacation that turns into a Christmas disaster!

 Christmas Vacation

Next up, is a recommendation from Ms. Patsy Armstrong, one of our student life advisors. Home Alone, one of the all-time classic holiday movies, this story follows a little boy who gets left home alone and must fend off intruders. This comedy is sure to leave you laughing.

 Home Alone

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, is a live action dramatization, based on the Dr. Seu’s classic with a Jim Carrey twist.

 The Grinch

To round up our list, our new student life advisor, Chelsea Winer, recommends Love Actually. This romantic comedy follows the lives of eight very different couples in  various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in the city of London.

Love Actually

Regardless of what mood you’re in these next couple weeks there is always a holiday classic to fit the moment! Have a great finals week and winter break!


Blog written by Ryan Smith, Student Life & Leadership- Front Desk Student Writer

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