Tonight! Billy McLaughlin at 7:30 pm in the SDSU Smith Recital Hall

Billy McLaughlin concert

Billy McLaughlin, a talented solo guitarist, will be playing a benefit concert on 1/24/14 at the SDSU Smith Recital Hall at 7:30pm.

In 2001, Billy was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia, an incurable neuromuscular disorder that rendered him unable to play his own music. Shortly after, his career was over. In 2006, Billy began a comeback by doing the unthinkable, relearning his entire catalogue of songs one note at a time.

Billy performed in November at KPBS and won an Emmy for his “Starry Night” performance at KPBS with Orchestra Nova. Billy utilizes a very complex and unique style of playing called finger-tapping and holds his guitar in an upright position. His extremely positive attitude and his amazing story serve as a true inspiration to many.

SDSU students have been granted a special discounted price per ticket of $15 (regular price $25). The concert will also be live-streamed, thanks to Tim Powell at SDSU and his film students. The fee to view the first set of the 2-set concert is $10.

For tickets go to

To learn more about Billy’s amazing story go to


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