Explore SDSU Open House: Saturday, March 15, 9am – 2pm


What is Explore SDSU?

Explore SDSU Open House is a free all-campus event, where we will be welcoming prospective Aztecs. An information fair, academic program workshops, as well as tours and open houses, will be offered to students and their parents. SDSU provides the opportunity for future students to explore what it is like to be an Aztec. SDSU Alumni have been also invited to the event as an opportunity to reconnect with their favorite programs and departments, enjoy live entertainment, pay a visit to the Alumni Center, and to explore the amazing changes that our campus has undergone. On top of having all these activities for prospective students and alumni, there are dozens of activities for attendees of all ages. Come check it out! Saturday, March 15, from 9am – 2pm, and share with others what it means to be an Aztec!


Blog written by Janera Montano, Student Life and Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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