SDSU Taking Strides to Supporting Commuter Students!

SDSU Trolley


According to SDSU’s Student Life & Leadership website, over 85% of todays’ college students commute to campus. Students commuting to campus face various challenges, but their commitment towards their education encourages them to continue with their everyday routine of getting to SDSU.

There are many opportunities for students to get involved on campus, including being a member of one of over 300 student organizations. However, there are many commuter students who do not take part in school activities. Why? For students who commute from far distances, staying longer on campus can mean arriving home at a later time. Additionally, some commuter students have an off-campus job which can take up most of their hours during their time outside of class.

Here at SDSU, we are creating different centers and activities to encourage all students, including those who commute to campus, to get involved. For instance, the implementation of the Commuter Resource Center, in the Student Life & Leadership office, has given commuter students a place for them to connect with other Aztecs, to study, eat lunch, or simply relax. The Student Life & Leadership office, is offering many leadership workshops throughout the semester. The Commuter Resource Center also offers a variety of helpful workshops on topics ranging from time management to study abroad opportunities and test-taking skills. We are glad to see that many of students are starting to make connections on campus. We are observing that more students are becoming aware and interested in the services we offer.

For more information regarding the Commuter Resource Center, Student Life & Leadership, and campus involvement opportunities visit You can also “like” us on Facebook at and


Blog written by Karen Velazquez, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Student Writer

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